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We Make It Happen

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Jimmy John's Employee

"I'm here by 6:00 AM every day, even earlier on Wednesdays for inventory. A typical morning for a Jimmy John's General Manager starts off with stretching bread to get it ready to be proofed and baked. I slice cucumbers, onions, celery, and then lettuce. Lettuce usually takes the longest, but I slice only the best quality heads of lettuce. I audit the closers from the night before, and confirm everything meets Jimmy John's standards. I set up our cold tables and rotate our all natural meats. I also brew tea, mix our housemade tuna salad, and slice tomatoes. After than, I was the dishes, clean the sinks, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, and then start slicing our all natural meats. By 10:30, my staff comes in and rock out perfect sandwiches, all day! We make it happen at JJ's"

- Chelsey Downey, General Manager, Pekin, IL #2870