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Spring Break with Sammie

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! SPRING. BREAK. ā˜€ļø


Your Spring Break may be winding down or just turning up, but in case you were's how our boy Sammie does it.


Take notes! šŸ“


First things first, ya gotta go somewhere warm and sunny! You didn't go on vacation if you don't come back with some tan lines.

Sun - Jimmy John's

But be careful, wear some sunscreen! No one likes a burnt Sammie. šŸ˜


You need a body of water! Whether it be a pool, a lake, or the deep blue sea...floating is a must.

Pool - Jimmy John's

BUT if you're going to float, float in style. šŸ˜Ž


And don't forget to save room for activities. Play some beach volleyball, it's a great way to keep that beach bod in check!

Volleyball - Jimmy John's

Pro Tip: If you wanna be a real bada$$, wear a bandana. Chicks dig it. At least that's what Sammie says...


Oh yea, get yourself some cocktails (must be 21 years or older)! You're on vacation ā›±

Friends - Jimmy John'sAnd make some friends along the is good!


Most importantly, eat some good grub. 

Jimmy John's

Sammie recommended this place called Jimmy John's. Yea, I think it was called Jimmy John's. šŸ˜‰


Now get after it!