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Build your bench

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Jimmy John's Employee

"When we opened our first JJ’s it was a totally new experience with a huge learning curve. My wife, Michelle, was the General Manager, I was the night manager, and we both got our butts kicked! Three months after we opened, Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer, which made the experience even more overwhelming. It’s been quite a journey, but in a way, it was the best thing that ever happened to us because we focused on what’s important. We realized we couldn’t keep running the store alone, so it forced us to train managers and build a team. Now, when people ask my advice, I tell them to start building your bench right away. You can’t do everything yourself. Your store will run more efficiently and effectively even when life hits! Eight years later, Michelle, Mark, and I have four stores and we’re lovin’ the JJ’s life!”

-Matt Spidell, Franchisee, Grand Junction, Clifton & Glenwood Springs, CO