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Take care of your people

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Jimmy John's Employee

"The Jimmy John’s brand is honest and it’s real. When you walk in, you’ll experience a clean store with a great group of people having a blast interacting with each other and our customers. A lot of our customers know the team by name and the team knows the customer by their favorite sandwich. That’s how we roll at Jimmy John’s.

I am an Area Manager and I love managing my team using the One Minute Manager. I think it’s brilliant. Right now, my managers and I are focused on managing consistently, creating a culture of positive reinforcement to produce the best results as a team! As much as I want our stores to succeed, I want our team to succeed. What’s most important to me is that our JJ’s family is doing well. If our people are taken care of, everything else will fall into place.”

-Guy Dupree, Area Manager, Houston, TX #2390