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Sandwiches, because you can't eat flowers.

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Valentine’s Day is in three days and if ya didn’t already know this, the best way to say I love you or I kinda like you, is with food. Obviously.

I’m just gonna cut to the chase, below are a few tips to help you seal the deal.


1. Send food instead of flowers. Flowers die and you can eat food. It’s a no brainer.

Girl holding Jimmy John's bag


2. Surprise them with a candy heart! But without the candy and with a whole lotta Jimmy John’s gift cards.

Jimmy John's Gift Cards

You can get rid of the candy however you’d like, but I suggest just eating it yourself. It’s a win, win!


3. If you’re dealing with someone who has a serious sweet tooth, get creative and make some yummy cookie hearts out of my Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

Jimmy John's Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies


4. And if you want to get really creative, try your hand at a sandwich bouquet.  It’s a bouquet. Made out of sandwiches.  If that doesn’t give you bonus points for the next 5 years, I don’t know what will. 

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches Valentine's Day Sandwich Bouquet


And of course, don’t forget a card. Arts & crafts time is always fun and putting in a little extra effort never hurts!

Jimmy John's Valentine's Card


Best of luck out there my friends and Happy Valentine’s Day!