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Mardi Gras MVPs

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Happy Mardi Gras! Today is a big day full of celebration! 🎉🎉


Lots of music, dancing, and parades...nothin' but good times on Mardi Gras! While you're out and about celebrating and eating cake I'm sure you'll see a few faces similar to these.


Allow me to introduce the MVPs of Mardi Gras (well, just a few of them.)


The Smiley Kids

Whether you're in NOLA, St. Louis or any other city celebrating, I can guarantee you'll see lots of smiley kids! Nothing makes kids happier than parades and free candy...

Girl holding Mini JimmyAlthough this smile is brought to you by free Mini Jimmys 😁


The Street Performers

These performers got talent...singing, dancing, magic tricks, what a sight to see! They'll get you in the Mardi Gras spirit before ya know it.

Man holding Jimmy John's sandwich


The Bartenders

Do I really need to explain why they're on the MVP list?

Man and woman holding Mini JimmysTip 'em with sammies, they won't forget ya!


The Ladies

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that there will always be a group of girls with matching wigs for Mardi Gras. I don't know, I could be wrong...

Mini Jimmys...but probably not. 😏


The Dudes

I'm not going out on a limb here, there are always dudes ready to party for Mardi Gras! And they will bring some of the best costumes to the table.

Men holding Mini JimmysAnd boy do they love sandwiches. 


The Police

These men and women are the real MVPs!

Police officers holding Mini Jimmys


The Jimmy John's Rockstars

All of this fun is gonna get you hungry, and you might not want to leave the party. If that's the case these rockstars will save the day!

Jimmy John's employeeAnd let's be honest, the REAL real MVP might be bread.




So have fun, be safe, and enjoy the festivities!