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Love is in the air!

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What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than gettin' hitched?!


I know, I know! Gettin' hitched AND having JJ's surprise cater. 😏

Mini Jimmys

Every year on this day couples elope, marry, renew vows, go on first dates, go on 2nd name it. Love is in the air! Today I was lucky enough to visit the Rhinestone Wedding Chapel in Nashville and spread some love. ❤️

Jimmy John's cookie box

Oh yea, Elvis was there too. 🎤


We had cookies instead of cake! (talk about a chocolate chunka burnin' love) 😉

Couple eating Jimmy John's cookies

Couple eating Jimmy John's cookies8

By the way, it's waaaay easier to clean cookie off of your face.


We didn't leave anyone out, Elvis got some love too!

Jimmy John's catering

And the officiant...

Man eating Mini Jimmy

Dude has good taste 😏


Thank you Brenda and everyone at the Rhinestone Chapel! You made my Valentine's Day the best one yet 😘