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Happy Cheese Lover's Day!

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It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day 🧀

Jimmy John's Provolone Cheese

But let’s be honest, what day isn’t? Cheese is the ultimate ultimate. It makes the bad days good and the good days even better. I’ll be honest, if I had to chose between cheese and people, well...



And here’s why:


Cheese doesn’t leave you on read.

Cheese Balls

Remember that time cheese made you go out on a Saturday night after you were already in your pajamas in the middle of a Netflix binge? Probably not, because it didn’t happen.



People get mad if you try to melt them and then dip chips in them. Cheese doesn’t.



Cheese doesn’t look at all your Instagram photos but never like them. (cuz it doesn’t have eyes.)



Cheese will always let you be big spoon.



Cheese doesn’t think it’s better than anyone, it can hold its own at a wine tasting but isn’t too good for a pizza place, ya know?



Cheese doesn’t talk about you behind your back.


Cheese will binge watch Game of Thrones with you and won’t even try to hit on you



If something’s a little bland, you just sprinkle some cheese on it and BAM!, the flavor train’s pulling into the station. (ProTip- works on people too.)



Cheese will always be there to comfort you after a long day.



In conclusion:

Jimmy John's cheese


and if you love cheese too, check out these JJ subs that come with yummy provolone cheese:  

Slim 1, Slim 5,  Slim 6, #1 Pepe, #5 Vito, #6 Vegetarian, #7 Gourmet Smoked Ham Club, #8 Billy Club, #9 Italian Night Club, #10 Hunter’s Club, #11 Country Club, #12 Beach Club, #13 Gourmet Veggie Club, #15 Club Tuna, and the JJ Gargantuan. (but you can always add cheese to any sammie!)