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Find a passion, stick to it, and enjoy it


Jimmy John's - Wallys Villar 2

“I don’t really worry about being an adult all the time even though I have 3 children and I’m technically an ‘adult’. I’ve found a place in my life where I’m happy and I get to have fun, and that shows in my work. I like what I do, which is great; and what I do allows me to do other things I love. I’m a paintballer. I play Division III paintball and I get to travel the country doing it. Find a passion, stick to it, and enjoy it.”

- Wallys Villar, General Manager, Midvale, UT #945

Jimmy John's Locations affected by Hurricane Florence


Below is a list of individually owned and operated Jimmy John's franchises that have reported reduced hours or closures due to Hurricane Florence. We will update this post as we receive more information.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Florence.


1809 S. Glenburnie Rd. New Bern, NC - Open for inshop and pickup only, no delivery

2804 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC - Open for inshop and pickup only, no delivery

120 Market St. Wilmington, NC

413 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC

1119 Military Cutoff Rd. Wilmington, NC - Open for inshop and pickup only, no delivery

2238 S. 17th St. Wilmington, NC - Open for inshop and pickup only, no delivery 

3211 Fayetteville Rd, Lumberton, NC



People see hard work!


Jimmy John's - Brian Bugay

“Work hard no matter what you’re doing. How you work early on reflects how you’ll work later in life. People see hard work! A lot of our team starts off working in-shop, then they work their way into management, and the next thing you know they’re working in our head office. There’s always room for growth; and remembering this is how you’ll stay motivated.”

- Brian Bugay, Business Coach, Denver, CO

Favorite JJ's Memory



Jimmy John's - Pete Mehnert

“I grew up in Champaign, and the first time I had Jimmy John’s I was about 6 years old. My mom used to give me 50 cents, then have me run in and grab a loaf of day old bread. We’d take it home and she’d make garlic bread or Italian beef sandwiches with it. It’s just crazy that this is the exact store I’d come to at 6 years old!”

- Pete Mehnert, Guerilla Marketer, Champaign, IL

Aspiring to Help Others


Jimmy John's - Hannah Li

“I’m majoring in Speech & Hearing Science with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology. The goal is to become a Speech Therapist! I knew I wanted a job where I could help people and come to work every day feeling fulfilled. I worked with kids this Summer for my internship, and at their graduation one of the older kids gave a speech. He had Cochlear implants and they showed a video of his progress; from not being able to speak to where he is now. It was just amazing. He was saying thank you to everyone who helped him and for all that he’d learned. It was so cool to see that and think, yes, I can do this and one day help kids learn how to speak. It’s incredible.”

- Hannah Li, Catering Manager, Champaign, IL #9015

St. Louis


Jimmy John's - Austin Werths

“I grew up in the St. Louis area and I’m excited to put my local expertise to work.  I love the diversity St. Louis has to offer and I’m eager to get more involved with local, community events. I’m currently working with STLFC, Six Flags and local golf tournaments and I have a lot of ideas in the works.  I can’t wait to see the relationship between Jimmy John’s and the people of St. Louis grow. Go Blues!”

- Austin Werths, Community Marketing Manager, St. Louis, MO

Tampa Love


Jimmy John's - Amanda Wallace

“I’m here to support our local franchisees and show the Tampa community some love! I believe in our product and want the people of Tampa to experience our homemade baked bread and hand sliced all-natural meats and veggies. I’m excited for our Jimmy John’s stores to make fresh, fast, tasty sandwiches for the Tampa community and look forward to the relationships we’ll build together.”

- Amanda Wallace, Community Marketing Manager, Tampa, FL 

Community Involvement in Cincinnati


Jimmy John's - Brian Midden

“My goal is to be present, get involved, work events, and find ways to help the Cincinnati community. We currently have 5 sponsorships with local high schools and each brings something different to the table. Like hooking up the student of the month with JJ Gift Cards or having a Freaky Fast First Down at the football games; just fun ways to benefit the schools and be involved. I think they really appreciate it and I love doing it, so it’s been a blast!”

- Brian Midden, Community Marketing Manager, Cincinnati, OH 



Jimmy Johns - Meagan Kapustka

“I moved to Atlanta a few months ago to be the Community Marketing Manager and I am loving it! I think there are so many opportunities to get involved here. The city is gorgeous and the people here are amazing, they really are. Everyone is so willing to talk to you and set up meetings; they want to take that extra time to really get to know you as a person. They’re not only buying into JJ’s, they’re in it for the personal relationships too. Which is really cool to see and be a part of.”

- Meagan Kapustka, Community Marketing Manager, Atlanta, GA

Community in Columbus, OH


Jimmy John's - Caleb Fricke

"I'm excited to be part of the community here in Columbus. I really value the face to face interactions I've had with so many people, schools and businesses in and around Columbus. I'm looking forward to connecting our local Jimmy John's owners with local Columbus events and supporting the community. I'm here to help!"

- Caleb Fricke, Community Marketing Manager, Columbus, OH