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Don't give up easily!


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"I’ve been working at Jimmy John’s for 2 1/2 years. Recently I was given a chance to run a unit in California. This was my chance. During the first couple of days on the job I wanted to leave. I was totally overwhelmed but I don’t give up easily! I kept going. I’m so glad that I did! I really enjoy my job. I’m happy.”

-Vin Norris, 1st Assistant, Los Angeles, CA #9071


13 Times Jimmy John's Saved Lives


Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear black t-shirts.

When the struggle bus seems like an easy ride, you just need someone who will always be there. Someone who has your back through the good, the bad, and the ugly. JJ's has got your back through the thick and thin and the even thinner...



1. When your 21st birthday tries to get the better of you


2.  When you're trying to stand out from the crowd

3. When you just need a study buddy


4. When you're just not feeling it


5.  When college gets too expensive


6. When you're trying to set goals


7.  When you've got that late night craving...and it's raining


8. Or looking for a little foodie call action


9. When you didn't have time for breakfast


10. When you need to remember the basics


11. When life hits you


12. When you're running low on dough


13. When you can see the light


So the next time things get a little hairy, just remember:  

19-year-old Jimmy John's Owner Turned a Sandwich Shop into a Billion-Dollar Business. NBD.


JJgoalsWhen Jimmy John Liautaud was 19 years old, he took out a small loan from his dad, moved from the Chicago suburbs to the college town of Charleston, IL and opened his first sub shop in a 2 car garage down a back alley. (It was by a bar, college town gold!)

First JJ's

 With four subs on the menu and lots of drunk college kids to buy ‘em*, Jimmy was able to pay back his dad within 3 years. 8 years after that, he started franchising.

Unknown-1 2 *see 

Fast forward to today, and Jimmy John's is rockin out in 43 states across the U.S. with over 2,500 locations.

But turning a small sub shop into a kick-ass business wasn’t an overnight success.

In 2002, Jimmy realized that almost half of the franchise locations were failing and he took matters into his own hands. He worked with the franchise owners to explain what got him to where he was: late nights, long hours, weekends, rain, snow, or shine and lots of hard work. He started only selling stores to folks who were ready to adopt that lifestyle.


Moral of the story: hard work prevails! Anyone - of any age - can create a successful business out of a simple idea. 

Today, Jimmy John's is worth an estimated $2 billion dollars and will be joining the Roark Capital Group who has recently acquired a majority interest in Jimmy John’s. Roark also owns businesses like Arby’s, Drybar, Cinnabon, Wingstop and Moe’s.

To read the full story, check out Crain's Chicago Business article




Real food, real people!



“I love being a Guerilla Marketer because we make a huge impact on the people we teach to guerilla market. The entire team genuinely cares about each other and they care about doing a good job. I work at a different Jimmy John’s each week, I see people that enjoy being at work. How often does that happen? Customers notice the positive energy from the minute they walk into the store every time. When I teach the store manager to sample the store’s delivery area, I love to introduce people to JJ’s with a tasty sample made with best in category ingredients. The coolest is when they come back to order because they loved it so much! I love it. The food's real, the team is real, Jimmy is real, we love what we do and we make a difference. That's cool!"

-Joe Madrid, Guerilla Marketer, Villa Park, IL

Extraordinary: The Difference is a Little Something Extra



"Before Jimmy John’s, I was an Operations Specialist in the Navy for eight years. I learned to get things done quickly and efficiently and that’s how we do things at Jimmy John’s. It’s a perfect fit for me. I come in early and bust out operations to set up my team for success which makes the lunch rush that much more fun! Bottom line: I love my job and I love the people that I work with. We are family. This is not a normal place to work this is an extraordinary place . Thanks Jimmy!"

- Patrick Monahan, General Manager, Mission Viejo, CA, #2808

JJ's is a way of life!


Photo Aug 19

“I love being a part of the Jimmy John’s family! I’ve always been a hard worker, but JJ’s is the first place where I consistently receive praise for working hard. I feel appreciated which has built my confidence. I'm stoked that it motivates me to strive to do my very best all day every day. When I went to Training at the home office, it hit me, this is even bigger than what I saw in my store. The culture got me super excited, it sealed the deal for me. JJ’s isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life, and I love it!  This company is how America was built. We all work really hard and we all share the rewards. Awesome!"

-Krystle Sanchez, General Manager, San Bernardino, CA #3084

Sandwiches 101


School is back in full swing and the kiddos in Mr. Heiman's 2nd grade squad in Lawrence, KS found a way to bring their sub love with them! Students were given the task of creating a new Jimmy John's sub made of their favorite ingredients. 

We were so blown away by their creativity, we hooked 'em up with a 24 pack of Mini Jimmys and 6-packs of Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies to celebrate!





 Check out their yummy creations below!


The Doogum by Davis- Turkey, bananas, apple slices & gum 



Noodle Sandwich by Deacon- Pickles, noodles, ham, mayo & lettuce 



Almost Red  by Erica - Macaroni, pepperoni & cheese



 Chili Sandwich by Gavin– Chili, lettuce & cheese



Oma by Giovanna- Hershey's (?), butter & mayo



Apple Sandwich by Jacobi – Apples, lettuce & cheese



Gum Sandwich by Jaiden- Gum & tomatoes



 Kansas City Royals by Josh– Candy shaped baseballs, turkey & cheese



Hot & Spicy Chicken by Lyam- Ghost peppers & chicken



Chicken Nugget by Marshall – Lettuce, chicken nuggets & pickles



Brownie Brown by Naomi– Brownie & Icing



Mayonnaise Sandwich by Parker -  Mayo, tomatoes, bacon, pancakes & chicken nuggets



Cat Sandwich by Saffron– Fish, cat food, & bacon



The Jimmy Tom by Theo– Ice, turkey, strawberry, cheese, boloney & ice cream



The Great Hamster by Wren – Bacon, lettuce, corn & bun



A big shout out to these Rockstar sammie makers, your ROCK!! 



Own your own destiny



“We got into Jimmy John’s because my fiancé Ryan wanted to be his own boss. We wanted to be in charge of our own destiny, where the harder we worked the more we benefited, and of course we wanted something to call our own. Our families got together and picked Jimmy John’s. The separator of JJ’s system to the competitors is everything we do is with full integrity. Every single thing, every single time. From slicing produce every morning, to baking perfect bread, to the quality of the natural meats, to how we take care of our customers, everything is done with full integrity. I think that’s hard to come by with most companies. That’s what Jimmy stands for, his montra is, “I DON’T WANT TO BE THE BIGGEST I WANT TO BE THE BEST.” Ryan and I, with our families, have an opportunity to live the American dream. I’m doing it with the love of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

-Angie Eichmeier, Franchisee/Area Marketing Director, San Bernardino, CA #3084

Be positive and SMILE!



"Jimmy John’s gave me a job when I moved to LA from Ohio and it’s a job I’m proud of. Every day I choose a positive attitude. I choose to rock. I love my customers and I think they love me back. I enjoy speaking with them as I hand off their sandwiches. I sample to people and they are shocked. It puts a smile on their face. When our customers walk through the door, I make their day a little bit better because I smile and give them great service. It’s a good feeling and I can definitely thank Jimmy John’s for that. Teaching me to fish and not giving me a fish.” 

- Stephen Redman, Delivery Driver/Sampler, Los Angeles, CA #9073

Hard out there for a college kid


The school year is just around the corner and whether this is your first semester away from home or you’re gearing up for a fifth year fall, there's loads of things your parents won’t tell ya. That's where the Rockstars of Jimmy John's come in-  below we've compiled a list of tips, that may or may not be from experience, to help ya survive. Good luck out there.


1. 'Club going up on a Tuesday' Just a song, don’t do it."



2. It’s not worth signing up for a credit card account for a free t-shirt, but posting up at a bar from open to close for a t-shirt is a different story.



3. Save the easier electives for senior year, you’ll thank me in 4 or 6 years.



4. You need to keep the weather in mind when getting dressed to go out, you don’t know yet how long your walk home in the morning is going to be.



 5. The freshman 15 is a real thing, believe in it.



 6. Find your local JJ's and ask if they are hiring. Bake that dough, make that dough



 7. Never update your Facebook status drunk, may get a lot of likes but could have some regrets in the morning



8.  If you go to class, you won’t have to study as much, which will give you more time to hit the bars.



 9. Ask adults for anything. They love helping out non-income, ‘hard studying’, college students bettering their education for a brighter future



 10. You might think you’ve found your significant other three days into your freshman year, but if they aren’t a JJ’s sandwich, they’re not right for you